It doesn’t matter what state you’re in, you do a little bit, and you get the benefit of it – always. I’ve got a ton of energy and nobody ever thinks I’m as old as I am!
Just come!


I feel so much happier and I have a clearer mind!


I use to have heaps of lower back and knee problems; my lower back is now strong and the problems in my knee have disappeared! You feel so good you want to come back again!


Anybody can do it!


It’s definitely a very good way of increasing strength, flexibility and muscle tone.



"Bikram Yoga Five Dock will tone your body; increase your fitness; reduce stress; build strength and flexibility; help you sleep; lose weight, and improve your overall health. Your fully qualified Bikram Yoga teacher will guide you through 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises in a purpose built studio - heated to 40° C. Bikram Yoga provides you with the platform you need to make positive changes to your body, that will ultimately change your life. I simply Love it!" - Brad Goodchild, Studio Owner


Looking to try yoga in Drummoyne, Burwood, Concord, Strathfield, Leichhardt, Ashfield, Annandale, Petersham or Rozelle? Try Bikram Yoga Five Dock today. You won't regret it.


Has anyone worn an Apple Watch into class to monitor there heart rate. If so how did the Watch go with the heat. Series 2 being water proof. Was more wondering about the heat. ... See MoreSee Less

Favourite Bikram in Sydney. Cleanest studio, best "heat" & great teachers. Very happy to be back. ... See MoreSee Less

Come Join us next Wednesday the 25th for 5.30pm class with beautiful Amrei Marden, as she shares her wisdom and energy here at Bikram Yoga Five Dock.

We look forward to see you all there.
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Hey crew... there is a little confusion.. we are at drummoyne sailing club!!!! Different venue to last year hehe xx ... See MoreSee Less

Beautiful views. Merry Christmas Bikram Yoga Five Dock πŸŽ„πŸŽ„ ... See MoreSee Less