Learn Bikram Yoga In Leichhardt, Campsie And Belmore

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    At Bikram Yoga Five Dock, students at all levels can reap the benefits of one of the most unique and invigorating forms of exercise available. Bikram yoga in Leichhardt can help an individual improve his or her overall health by losing weight, increasing strength, reducing anxiety, and much more. The benefits of this type of yoga are endless. It was created by a young Indian who had suffered a severe injury. He designed bikram yoga so that anyone could take part in it, no matter their age or level of fitness. The Bikram Yoga Five Dock studio is well equipped to ensure that students reach their fitness and wellbeing goals.

    What Is Bikram Yoga?

    This style of yoga was founded by a young man named Bikram, a native of Calcutta. He had studied yoga for many years before suffering a devastating injury. He was told he would not walk again, but went to his yoga teacher for help. In six months, he was fully recovered. His experience led him to create what today is bikram yoga. The system was developed so that anyone could do it.

    Bikram yoga for Sydney residents features 26 different postures and two breathing exercises. Anyone in Leichhardt, Campsie, or Belmore can easily access the studio. During the class students go through the postures in a specific order as well as completing the breathing exercises. Everything is done at 40 degrees Celsius. The heat can have an amazing effect on the body and helps students work their muscles, tendons, and ligaments. The results are phenomenal.

    The Benefits Of Bikram Yoga In Campsie.

    Looking for bikram yoga in Belmore? Regular attendance will help students lose weight, increase their cardiovascular capabilities, energise their bodies, and increase strength. The intense heat works the muscles deeply and also helps the body rid itself of toxins. There are also the added benefits of stress reduction and better sleep patterns. Sleeping better helps individuals concentrate and focus better. This can even help a person improve their self-confidence.

    At Bikram Yoga Five Dock students benefit from a group of teachers that are highly trained, friendly, and fully accredited. They are there to help you reach your goals. You will receive precise directions on the different postures from your teacher while in the yoga studio, who will keep your class moving all while making sure everyone is keeping up and preforming the poses correctly.

    The studio itself is state of the art. The heated room is equipped with a special anti-microbial, non-slip carpet. As students sweat, they will be less likely to lose their balance as a result. Bacteria and mould are controlled by the anti-microbial carpet. There are numerous other amenities at the studio including changing rooms and showers.

    Students have a variety of pricing packages from which to choose. Students can check the latest schedule at the website, bikramyogafivedock.com.au, and register if they wish, however reservations aren’t necessary to attend a class. Currently, Bikram Yoga Five Dock is offering an unlimited yoga special for 30 days. Learn more by visiting the website today.