Understanding Basic Etiquette for Your First Bikram Yoga Class near Petersham

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    With the global popularity and clear benefits to practising yoga, more people than ever are looking for a studio in which they can learn and feel comfortable. For those who are interested in Bikram yoga near Petersham, signing up and attending your first class can be a little daunting. What should you expect? More importantly, how will you be expected to act?

    At Bikram Yoga Five Dock, we make every effort to be not only a welcoming space in which to practise but an inclusive one as well. To help you get ready for your first class, we’ve created a quick and handy guide to studio etiquette. When you finally travel for Bikram yoga from Petersham, you’ll be fully prepared to join in!

    First things first: leave your mobile phone in some place safe. There won’t be time to take a call when the class is in session, and a ringing phone can be very disruptive to the atmosphere. Leave it turned off and in your bag or your vehicle. You can always check your texts after class, of course.

    Avoid wearing strong fragrances. Scentless deodorants are ideal. This is both a matter of practicality as well as respect for your neighbour in class. No one wishes to be overwhelmed by perfume in a very warm room. You should expect to sweat plenty — which is also why you should bring a fresh, clean towel along with you. You’ll be glad you did.

    Finally, be ready to practise and learn with men and women of all ages and body types. Everyone is welcome at Bikram Yoga Five Dock, regardless of age or level of fitness. Your classroom partners are there to learn just as you are. Who knows? You may even make new friends along the way.