Ralph has been practicing for 4 and a half years.

I contracted a muscle disorder in the neck in May 2004 and therefore lost my confidence and self-esteem and Bikram Yoga has slowly given me that back and made me realise how important it is to eat and drink well, which I never did prior to practising Yoga.

Advice to a new student is to hydrate well before class and after, not only water but electrolytes. Second advice is to concentrate on your breathing during class especially when it gets tough as well as listening intentionally to the teachers dialogue.


Chelsea has been practising for 14 years.

Yoga not only changed my body, it changed my mind – it’s completely changed my life! It improved my strength and flexibility, helped me get through challenging times in my life and most importantly, it keeps me present. Your breathe will become your best friend.

Some advice, do not eat guacamole half an hour before class. Also, don’t be hard on yourself, it’s called yoga practice not yoga perfect.


Katia has been practicing for 4 and a half years.

Bikram yoga has had a positive impact on my life and health. 5 years ago I was scheduled to have my thyroid remove but after starting yoga and practising for a few months I cancelled the surgery as all symptoms had disappeared.

Advice I will give to students is to stay hydrated and don’t drink too much during class. Persist with your practice the benefits are worth it.


Adla has been practicing for just over four years now.

Since yoga I stand up straight and with more confidence, my body and mind has transformed for the better. I have a calmer approach, I find that I am more understanding, accepting, and positive.

It’s important to stay Hydrated before class! Your first few classes may be hard but I encourage you to do at least 5 classes within your first week or two. You will soon see the changes within yourself and understand why I love Bikram.


Nicole has been practising for 5 and a half years.

Bikram Yoga has impacted my health, my relationships and my career. It has made me a happier, stronger and healthier person.

My advice will be to keep going and get back on the mat. You will be challenged in life, that’s inevitable. This practice strengthens your character to overcome what happens outside of the room.


James has been practising for 5 years.

Bikram Yoga has had a very positive impact on my life; it has improved my overall mentality which I feel has made me a better person, whether it be among family, friends, or at work. It has also assisted me in recovery from various sporting injuries and I’m sure prevented many more!

My advice to a new student would be to practice regularly within the first few weeks. Try classes at various times of the day as you may find that a mix between morning & evening practice is beneficial, depending on your schedule.