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    Bikram yoga is unlike anything you have ever experienced before. Imagine yourself in a room heated to 40 degrees. As you’re guided by a friendly and professional yoga instructor through the 26 poses of Bikram yoga, you sweat out all the little impurities that have accumulated in your body, purifying yourself with every deep breath in that you take. Your body loosens up, becoming more flexible, and all the little aches and pains that plague you seem to melt away. When you’re looking for yoga in Ashfield, you have good reason to opt for Bikram yoga, and to receive your instruction from the incredible team at Bikram Yoga Five Dock.



    Bikram yoga is truly a transformative experience. In addition to helping to detoxify your body, it can boost your overall well-being, allowing you to improve the health of your spine and to take your energy to unprecedented levels. That’s not to mention the bonus of practicing yoga in a hot studio, which can help you shed even more weight than you ever thought imaginable with yoga. Ashfield residents come to Bikram Yoga Five West to learn from an experienced group of instructors who are passionate about yoga, and who have the tools and the experience needed to guide you through this experience with ease.

    Getting started is as simple as choosing a class time and coming in for your first visit. Our team will help you know what to expect. You can learn more about Bikram Yoga Five Dock, including class times, by visiting our website at www.bikramyogafivedock.com.au today.