Get Back to Health with Hot Yoga at Bikram Yoga Five Dock in Inner West Sydney, Rozelle and Balmain

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    Don’t waste another year worrying about your health and stressing out about your fitness. Join the ranks of the strong and flexible with relaxing sessions at Bikram Yoga Five Dock. Hot yoga is not just an exercise – it is a life changing experience. Every session at Bikram Yoga Five Dock is a 90-minute journey through 26 positions and two breathing exercises that will change your life.

    Why Choose Hot Yoga?

    Hot yoga is done in a studio heated to 40 degrees Celsius. The heat helps to open up your body, relax your muscles and increase the functioning of your lungs and circulation. At first the heat may be intimidating to many people, as it does add its own challenge to the session. However, the most important thing in every session is for each student to get to know his or her own body. Everyone should make it their priority to look after themselves and work with their body to see what they can do. Some positions you may find that you have to build up to, and it may take several sessions. But every time you practice, you will find improvement in your flexibility and strength. Students at any level can benefit from hot yoga, and Balmain and Rozelle residents will love the convenience of practising at our studios, located right in their communities.

    Take a Deep Breath with Yoga in Rozelle, Balmain and all of Sydney!

    Breathing is one of the most important aspects of all Bikram yoga. It is important to follow through and practice the breathing exercises in our sessions, as well as making sure to remain breathing through your nose throughout the session. Hot yoga will help to improve breathing and circulation while also benefiting cardiovascular functioning. Bikram will help to eliminate toxins from your body while also encouraging weight loss and stabilising your metabolism. Enjoy improved strength, stamina and muscle tone while you increase your flexibility and stability. Regular hot yoga sessions will help to improve your sleep quality and improve your patience, focus and self-control.

    At Bikram Yoga Five Dock, we believe that Bikram yoga can provide you with a platform to change your life, mindset and body. With locations all over Australia, you will never be stuck looking for a studio, whether you are looking to do yoga, Rozelle, Balmain, and Inner West Sydney all host our convenient studios. We have been operating since October 2012. Currently, we have 45 affiliated Bikram Yoga studios in Australia for our students to utilise. Soon Bikram Five Dock will be the only hot yoga Inner West Sydney has available. Every instructor is very experienced and highly knowledgeable; to help ensure our students get the best results. Our sessions are authentic and challenging, following in the classic traditions of Bikram yoga.

    Whether you are an experienced yoga enthusiast or a beginner looking for an exciting new way to improve your health, everyone can benefit from Bikram yoga. Students can move through the system at their own pace and take breaks if necessary. A hot yoga session is meant to leave you feeling relaxed and help you direct your focus and breathing. Learn to be in the moment and let go of your stress while you build your strength and endurance. Bikram Yoga Five Dock can help you reach your goals with yoga. Inner West students can benefit from the Five Dock Studio. Transform your body, your mind and your life today with hot yoga at Bikram Yoga Five Dock.