Transform Your Health With Hot Yoga in Inner West, Petersham and Newtown at Bikram Yoga Five Dock

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    Transform your mind, body and soul with Bikram yoga. At Bikram Yoga Five Dock, every 90-minute session follows a sequence of 26 postures and two breathing exercises in a studio heated to 40 degrees Celsius. Bikram yoga is the most practised yoga in the world. Hot yoga will help to strengthen your body and relax your mind while also offering countless health benefits.

    Lighten Up with Hot Yoga!


    Bikram yoga helps you to lighten up, both physically and mentally. Hot yoga sessions will help tone every part of your body while also helping to stabilise your metabolism. Losing weight with Bikram yoga is healthy and leaves you with lots of energy and flexibility. Bikram yoga will also lighten your mood by helping you to release your stress and learn to focus and be in the moment. Being present in the moment with Bikram yoga will teach you to use this technique throughout your life and reduce stress and anxiety. With our many convenient studios for hot yoga, Petersham residents can easily take advantage of the Bikram session whenever it fits into their schedule. Stop carrying the weight of the world and let go with a class that will help you tone and work your body the right way!

    Bikram Yoga Five Dock provides countless health benefits for our students. Hot yoga helps to strengthen the body, improving stamina and muscle tone. Bikram yoga will help achieve better cardiovascular conditioning, circulation and breathing while also eliminating toxins and helping with weight loss and stabilising the metabolism. With hot yoga, Newtown students will systematically work every part of the body, your muscles, nerves, joints, organs and glands. Bikram yoga will change your entire body while improving your mindset!

    Hot Yoga Available at Inner West Sydney, Newtown and Petersham Locations

    Bikram Yoga Five Dock has been offering hot yoga sessions since 2012. Bikram Yoga is the premier hot yoga Inner West Sydney studio. All of our instructors are experienced yoga teachers and can help students to learn and improve their health and fitness. Our Bikram yoga classes are always authentic and challenging but work for any fitness level. The heated room provides its own challenge and helps to increase the benefits of yoga. Breathing exercises and continuing to breathe in and out through the nose throughout the class will help you strengthen your endurance and stamina. During class, we advise our students to work with their bodies and do what they can. Sometimes it can take a while to build up to every position, and you can always take a break on your mat if needed.

    Bikram yoga will help you to feel great, improving flexibility and energy levels and helping you feel better in your day to day life. Yoga helps to keep your spine strong, flexible and healthy. With Bikram yoga you will feel more relaxed, healthier and stronger. Hot yoga is a great way to tone your body and stabilise your metabolism. Transform your body, mind and spirit with Bikram Yoga Five Dock.