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    One of the best ways to quickly get into shape is to eat better and focus on full body workouts. Yoga, originating from Hindu spiritual practices, focuses on controlled breathing techniques, meditation, and maintaining specific body positions. Yoga requires full body muscle control, and is a great way to perform a full body workout. If you have been looking for a good way to tone your body and shed unwanted weight while increasing flexibility and learning how to relax, yoga might be the best exercise for you. Bikram Yoga Five Dock offers yoga to surrounding Annandale, Leichardt, Petersham, and Marrickville residents.

    Bikram Yoga – A Brief History

    Bikram Yoga is a specific type of yoga that began in Calcutta, and focuses on a 26 posture sequence system that can be helpful to people of all ages in promoting better health. Bikram yoga helps with weight loss, enhanced breathing (leading to better metabolisms and blood circulation), a more youthful appearance, alleviation of muscle pains (arthritis, back pain, etc), anxiety and stress reduction, as well as improved strength, muscle definition and stamina. Anyone living in Annandale or surrounding areas will find yoga helpful for dealing with daily activities, while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

    Bikram Yoga Five Dock – Offering Programs in Yoga in Marrickville and Nearby Suburbs.

    Bikram Yoga Five Dock, operating since 2012, is highly recommended in providing instruction in Bikram Yoga in Leichardt and surrounding areas. If you are new to yoga instruction, Bikram Yoga Five Dock’s helpful website offers tips for newcomers to yoga in Leichardt, Annandale, Petersham, and Marrickville areas. Classes generally last 90 minutes and it is recommended that you arrive 15 minutes prior to class. Water consumption before yoga sessions is also important. Bikram Yoga Five Dock recommends drinking 1-2 litres of water before class, and not eating 3 hours before class.

    Classes at Bikram Yoga Five Dock allow users to make reservations, though they are not required. Anyone looking for yoga in the Marrickville, Annandale, Leichhardt, or Petersham areas should also check out Bikram Yoga Five Dock. They offer per class yoga pricing, unlimited passes as well as specials for newcomers. The newcomer package includes 30 days of unlimited only (consecutive), free yoga mat rentals on the first day, and full access to all levels of classes. Bikram Yoga Five Dock offers more than a workout; they are a transformational centre that will ensure you receive the full experience that Bikram Yoga has to offer.

    If you long to have more energy, Bikram yoga is the solution for you. If you are looking for yoga in Petersham, Annandale, Marrickville, or Leichardt, Bikram Yoga Five Dock has the classes, facilities, and teachers you need to get started. Their flexible payment options and years of dedicated yoga training experience make Bikram Yoga Five Dock one of the area’s top yoga specialists. Call today to find out more about the benefits of yoga.